Providing experiences that allow children of all ages to  ”See”, “Smell”, “Hear” and participate in Chinese cultural workshops and presentations as one off sessions or weekly/monthly courses. Offering unique games for children to learn Oriental festivals and culture while playing, showing traditional artefacts: everyday Chinese household practical items,calligraphy: illustrating on how to write Chinese words, language: pronouncing basic Mandarin words, showing children how to dragon and lion dance with its costumes and musical instruments, experiencing fan dance and culture dance.

We can tailor the event to meet your needs, focusing on one theme like festival(s) or a blend of various topics for a half or full day session.


  • Chinese Religions
  • Chinese Event day
  • School Assembly Presentation
  • Multicultural Day
  • Youth Club Events
  • Holiday Clubs
  • Festival Projects
  • County Council Projects
  • Chinese New Year Celebration

Teaching Children of Chinese Culture to present at School Assembly

Kwai and Serena Li have a certified current CRB Disclosure for working with children